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Workshop / Seminar timetable

10am – 11am

About the seminar

Explore the benefits of holding babies in skin to skin contact and learn how to apply TICKS in a kangaroo care scenario.

This seminar will provide an introduction to the benefits of daily skin to skin contact with babies which enhance well being, protect health and improve development.

There will be a visual demonstration of safe positioning and some key factors to consider when working with families facing issues of prematurity.

Facilitated by Nicole Hastie, Kangaroo Care UK Ltd

Nicole HastieNicole Hastie is a Babywearing Consultant and dedicated advocate of Kangaroo Care. She is a qualified teacher and adult educator. In 2017 Nicole is launching her newly developed programme of training for parenting and birth professionals to increase their understanding of kangaroo care carrying and aid best practice in home and hospital settings. Nicole is mum to Ruth, aged 12 and Megan, aged 7. She co-runs Cheltenham and Gloucester Sling Library.

About the workshop

Working in small groups, participants will have the opportunity to use various demo dolls with leg casts, boots bar, oxygen tank and tube and so on, to consider the issues to take into account when working with disabled children and come up with potential solutions.

Facilitated by The UP Project

The UP Project logoThe Up Project’s mission is to ensure that children who are affected by disability, serious illness, depression, domestic abuse or poverty are given the opportunity to experience the benefits of being carried in a baby sling or carrier. These benefits include but are not limited to improved health, wellbeing, safety and relationships. They achieve this by providing the child’s family with an appropriate sling or carrier and the skills and knowledge to use it safely and comfortably.

This workshop will be facilitated by The UP Project Directors Kerry Ellis and Renee Jeffery. Kerry is the owner of It’s A Sling Thing, an online postal sling library and retail store. She has trained as a sling consultant with Trageschule UK, Je Porte Mon Bebe and Slingababy. Renee Jeffrey is the editor of Close Enough to Kiss magazine and trained as a sling consultant with Slingababy and Je Porte Mon Bebe.

11:15am – 12:15pm

About the seminar

Looking after yourself while looking after other people. Practical tips for self nurturing based on the best wellbeing science.

Facilitated by Nancy Hey, What Works Centre for Wellbeing

Nancy HeyNancy is mama to three and six year old girls and is a coach specialising in emotional intelligence. She is the Director of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing that uses research to advise governments, business and funders on what they can do to improve wellbeing.

About the seminar

For (future) babywearing educators and sling libraries who want to stay in contact and present themselves to local and (inter)national customers, retailers and others.

The main focus will be on Facebook, with some information about Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels too.

Hedwych will share tips on how to increase your Facebook reach and how to get most out of your Facebook ads, as well as how to manage your time effectively so you spend less time on your social media and increase your productivity.

She will also cover the do’s & don’ts of social media, and how to react to negative comments.

Facilitated by Hedwych Veeman, Wrap you in Love

Wrap you in Love logoHedwych is known as ‘Wrap you in Love’. She started her Facebook page 3 years ago and her YouTube channel is often recommended for her great babywearing tutorials. As a mother of three and a student of multimedia-marketing, she likes to share her love of babywearing and to help other caregivers to find this love too!

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Come along and play with prototypes, testers and new products sent in by manufacturers big and small, new and established.

1:45pm – 2:45pm

About the workshop

Over the course of an average sling library session we are often asked for advice, to share our experience and views on a wide range of subjects and more often than not the people in front of us are at their most vulnerable, still feeling raw from their birth experience, still trying to find their feet and settling into their new life, exploring the previously uncharted territory of parenthood.

How do we deal with the different demands of our clients and customers? How can we help them in finding their way through these early weeks of parenthood and create a supportive environment in which they feel empowered and encouraged to connect with their instinct, their inner voice and conviction of what they deem right for their child? How do we reconcile conflicting views on parenting in our communication with them?

In this workshop we will look at different communication techniques, ways of listening and responding, drawing from basic counselling and active listening skills to create a set of tools to help us in our everyday work with families. We will talk about self-awareness, about beliefs we hold, ethics and confidentiality as well as self-care and looking after our volunteers and peer supporters as well as ourselves.

Facilitated by Wibke Hott, The Owl Tree

Wibke HottWibke is person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist, expressive art therapist, a community artist and singer/songwriter, and for the past 15 years has been working in many different creative and therapeutic ways with adults, children and families in the UK and Germany.

Since becoming a mother just over 6 years ago, Wibke’s work and research has focused on new families, on close attachment and bonding, perinatal mental health and infant mental health and the role babywearing and infant carrying plays in all this.

Wibke is a certified babywearing consultant with Trageschule UK and with Slingababy, She set up Wirral Sling Library in June 2011 and the Owl Tree, a little independent family centre on the Wirral, Merseyside, in December 2013.

About the workshop

As many as 1 in 10 mothers will be affected by postnatal depression (PND). As sling educators working with families we are likely to regularly come into contact with parents who are experiencing some form of perinatal mental illness. Often we may be one of the few points of contact for mums and dads who may be struggling, if we have more knowledge and understanding in this area then we can be better equipped to recognise the signs and symptoms and know what to do to help.

In this workshop we will outline and discuss:

  • The symptoms of PND – how are mothers and fathers affected The signs and what to look out for
  • What you can do if you think someone is experiencing PND
  • Professionals and organisations to signpost to
  • Boundaries in our role as sling educators
  • Ways in which using a sling may help and how

By the end of the workshop we hope that you will have a deeper understanding of PND and also some skills to be able to take away with you and use in your carrying community.

Facilitated by Jessica Warne, Cocoon Family Support and Selina Shaikh, Being Mumma

Jessica WarneJessica is founder of Cocoon Family Support, a London based charity supporting families affected by postnatal depression. Jessica founded Cocoon following her own experiences of postnatal depression after having her second daughter, as she didn’t want any women to suffer alone. Cocoon offer a range of services across London including peer support, counselling, walks and activities.

Selina ShaikhSelina is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, bodyworker and sling consultant supporting families through pregnancy and parenthood at Being Mumma, which she set up after experiencing antenatal and postnatal depression. Selina also runs Barnet Sling Library in north west London and volunteers at Cocoon Family Support.

3pm – 4pm

About the workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • an introduction to fundraising and the different techniques available
  • where people can find information about potential sources of funding
  • demonstrating outcomes
  • how to transpose your work into funding proposals

Facilitated by Lydie Saint-Marc and Trisha Thompson, Carers Trust

Lydie Saint-MarcLydie is Acting Director of Fundraising at Carers Trust. She has worked for the charity since 2010, having started with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and has over 10 years’ experience in fundraising from a wide range of sources. For instance, she has substantially increased income from major gifts sources since she joined Carers Trust.


Trisha ThompsonTrisha is Head of Grants and Funding at Carers Trust. She has worked in the grant making field for over 14 years. She joined Carers Trust in 2009 and leads a team of ten on all aspects of grant making and funding activity, which includes leading on the monitoring and reporting of outcomes to funders.

About the workshop

Safety means many different things when it comes to advocacy and each different situation brings with it a myriad of different things to consider. In this session we explore the different types of safety you need to consider.

Facilitated by Anne McEwan, Connecta Baby Carrier Ltd

Anne McEwanAnne is an trainer and consultant with over 10 years experience in the carrying industry. Anne works as the business manager for Connecta and a trainer for Born to Carry.